Prepping: Food Storage Update #2

I rarely get an inkling that I’m biting off more than I can chew until I’m right in the mess of things. Perhaps I’m not the only one.

This last week, I was blessed enough to accompany a Costco member on a little shopping trip. I love Costco, but I’m not willing to pay $50+ to have my own membership.

Not everything at Costco is a great deal, sometimes you can find the same items in stores for less—especially when they go on sale. But sometimes you get lucky and find a brilliant deal at Costco.

I picked up six 25 pound bags of long grain white rice, 25 pounds of pinto beans and 25 pounds of Morton’s table salt (non-iodized) and was happy as a clam. I planned to get all this put up in one day.

food from Costco

150 Pounds of Long Grain White Rice, 25 Pounds of Pinto Beans & 25 Pounds of Table Salt

Foolish girl.

food storage white rice stored in mylar bags

All 150 pounds of white rice stored in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers

By the time I had finished all 150 pounds of the white rice, I was pooped. I’ll just get to the beans and salt tomorrow I thought. I didn’t. They just sat on our dining room table mocking me.

Weekly Prepping Update 2 Food Storage

150 pounds of rice packed into 7 5-gallon buckets

Surely I’ll get around to the pinto beans and salt soon. The salt has a tiny hole in the bag, so I can’t wait too long. If I just keep them on the table, they’ll eventually drive me nuts and I’ll get them done.

food grade 5 gallon buckets with lids

I always feel so much better once the lids are finally on.

In case you’re curious about Costco’s pricing on these items:

25 pounds of white rice: $10.49  (42¢ per pound)

25 pounds of pinto beans: $18.99 (76¢ per pound)

25 pounds of table salt: $3.99 (16¢ per pound)

So in all, 150 pounds of long grain white rice cost us $62.94. That’s really not that bad when you think about how far that rice can go.

What did you do to prep this last week?

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