How To Get Free Heirloom Seeds With Your Orders

Free heirloom seeds sounds just lovely, doesn’t it? So, how can you get your hands on some free heirloom seeds with your next order? Great question.

My Patriot Supply has 3 different heirloom seeds available for you to try free at the time of this posting. They’ve had the same 3 for like the last year I believe, so I get 3 free packets every time I place an order with them.

If you order $49 or more at My Patriot Supply, you get free shipping on everything including the free heirloom seeds.

If you don’t spend $49 or more, then you pay for shipping.

The 3 free seeds are free either way, BUT if you don’t get free shipping, then you have to pay $1.95 each for shipping and handling in addition to your shipping on the other items.

What Seeds Can You Get Free?

  1. Large Red Cherry Tomato (500mg, 160 seeds)
  2. Green Sprouting Broccoli (2g, 290 seeds)
  3. California Wonder Bell Pepper (500mg, 80 seeds)

The page has to say they’re free, otherwise you’re just adding a full price packet. The links above are to the free items, so you’ll notice on the page they’re stated as free.

Quick & Easy Free Seeds

* Bookmark this post so that you can always get free seeds

* Click on each of the 3 free item links above and add free items to your cart

* Spend $49 or more to get free shipping on everything OR spend less than $49 and pay regular shipping plus inflated shipping on the free seeds.


Remember all promotions can end at any time, so pay attention when checking out…always!

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