So, what’s this Prepping Is Sexy blog all about? Hmmm…perhaps prepping??? You guessed it.

Prepping is Sexy is going to be filled full of information about everything I feel is important for a well-rounded prepper to know. I just want to be able to share my findings with anyone who’s looking for them.

There will be reviews on preps, some videos (if I can figure out how to do that), posts and whatever else seems interesting to me.

I’m new to prepping, but have been feeling the urge for quite a few years. I just didn’t really know how to prepare.

Who Am I?

Name: Jen
Age: 31
Location: Washington state
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom, blogger, prepper (it can be a full-time job sometimes)
Married?: Yes, to the most awesome man alive!

I’ve been with my husband forever, even though we didn’t finally get married until about 4 years ago. We have an 10 year old daughter who doesn’t think we’re completely nuts for all the prepping. lol

I started blogging back in 2010 at my personal finance blog, (and own 4 other blogs as well, this is my 6th blog) and completely revamped our finances. We got out of debt and slowly, but surely started getting ahead.

Then I purged our savings to buy a second car (before I became a prepper) and went on a bit of a spending spree for our yard and first house. After becoming a prepper, I sort of had another spending spree and need to get my finances back in check.

That means I will have less available money to spend on preps, but it’s possible and I hope to be able to help others be able to prep even if they’re not loaded.